The factors in finding an affordable tree service


My experience

From my own personal experience, if there is one thing that I’ve learned, it’s that there are many factors involved, when it comes to finding an affordable tree service. Furthermore, you should truly take those factors into consideration, as I did, because by doing so you can get the best possible tree service out there, that not only offers the best, but truly is the best as well. Of course, if there is one thing that I learned, it’s that when you want the right kind of tree service, you can truly get it at an affordable price, but you really have to shop and compare, so that you can and will get the best when it comes to an affordable tree service. I’ll share some tips on what to look for. There is a lot to learn like how to fertilize a tree about the tree industry.


Here are some tips, when it comes to finding an affordable tree service. First and for most; how expensive is it? Price should always be a factor when it comes to making sure that you get the absolute best when it comes to having a nice tree service. After all, why in the world would you pay too much for something that you do not need to pay too much for; it simply just doesn’t make sense at all. Therefore, be sure to take price into consideration. Now, along the lines of price, another key factor to take into consideration includes the concept of service to price. You have to truly ask yourself how much do I want to spend on a tree service, based upon the services I need. This is an important factor to take into consideration because by doing so you can guarantee that you’ll get a really awesome tree service that match’s services with prices. Of course, it’s also important to remember that when it comes to finding the right kind of tree service that you make sure that you don’t get services that don’t look right, but instead you need to make sure that the company that you work for can and will do the best possible job, based upon the service. Too often, services are offered at a great price, but then they don’t deliver, and when they don’t deliver, it can be and is truly rough when you want a job well done, and when you do not get it. This is frustrating, so be sure to make sure all your ducks are in a row, when it comes to finding and getting the best possible tree service that is truly affordable.

The reality

By following these simple steps, you can guarantee that you’ll not only get the best, but that you’ll also get exactly what you need it, when you need it, so that you won’t have to worry about things being out of a place or a mess. Remember, you need to make sure that you have a tree service that is affordable and on point, and thus be sure to get just that by following these simple solutions.

If you are getting whole tree removal and need stump removal then sometimes its a great idea to call a separate company for the stump part and you might get much better rates.

Early bird Catches a Worm

Professional gardener pruning a tree
Professional gardener pruning a tree

So I woke up this morning, grabbed a couple mochas and hit the road to the job site from hell. I really was not looking forward to this crazy job involving a thirty five ton tree leaning on nothing but a brick chimney that was on its last legs, and a looney neighbor. My partner, Pete was the main guy who helped use set up the two A frames to help support the tree. He deserves most of the credit for this crazy, but amazing tree job. The A frames we put up were a huge help, but I was afraid to attempt anything else. I was mostly concerned about how much of a liability this tree was going to be to me because the house in jeopardy was a classic, custom vintage 1920s house with a good timber frame. It was, however, a good opportunity to learn how to control my stress, and also an opportunity to spread the word of how to prevent tree damage. For the rest of this I am going to provide nothing but useful tree information.

Preventing tree damage

Every year, falling trees cause horrible damage to people and property. In the most tragic of situations, trees all too often can cause death. This occurred last week when a great oak tree fell and crushed a woman. What made this tragedy so sad was that it could have easily been prevented. Sources claim the tree fell due to decay at the base of the tree. Apparently a large portion of the tree broke off years ago, leaving an exposed gap at the bottom of the trunk, which led to rot. When a storm blew through the area, the base gave out and the tree collapsed. Had the deterioration been identified earlier, and had the tree been removed under controlled circumstances, this tragedy could have been prevented. In order to prevent tree-related damage, it is very important that you identify any potential problems early, before they turn into deadly problems. As a homeowner, or as somebody who oversees property where trees are present, it is very important that you regularly assess the health and well being of those trees. As much as we all love and appreciate trees, they can be dangerous. Here I discuss some things to keep an eye out for.

Things to look out for

Are there any dead trees on your property? For dead trees, it is a matter of “when” they will fall, not “if.” Dead trees are very dangerous if located near a home, office complex, or area where people or animals are often present.

  • Are there any trees with dead branches? Dead branches will eventually fall, and when they do,they have the potential to crash through roofs, damage cars, crush sheds, or injure people.
  • Are there any branches hanging inthe trees? In the tree care industry, we have a special term for hanging branches, we call them “widow makers” . Hope you ou get the idea.
  • Are there trees with holes or rot at the base? If so, there is a very good chance that the base of the tree is weak, which means that it has the potential to fall and cause damage at any time.
  • Are mushrooms, cracks, splits, or any other indicators of a dead or dying tree present along the base of the trunk? If so, this is also a tree that should be removed.
  • Do you have a tree wherebranches regularly fall? Not only do the falling branches themselves pose a  liability and hazard, but this could be an indicator of a larger problem.
  • Do you have trees that lean strongly in one direction? Perhaps you are wondering if you need tree trimming work done, In conjunction with the lean, are there roots lifting out of the ground on the back side of the tree? If so, this tree should be carefully assessed, particularly if it is leaning towards a house, office, garage, sidewalk, etc.
  • Are there large branches with open, old, or rotting wounds? A branch like this has a high likelihood of falling.

These are just a small few of the many potential problems to look for as you maintain your trees. If you do not feel comfortable doing this by yourself, or if you simply do not have the time, simply call your local tree service professional and ask them to give your property an evaluation. Many businesses even offer such evaluations at no charge. Remember, the key to preventing tree damage is to identify potential issues early, before they develop into serious, deadly problem. More to come on this blog.

Tree Service Techniques


My friend drew told me a lot about the industry… here’s the notes I took.

Part IV: Cutting Techniques

Before I hand the keyboard over to Drew again, I just want to say that over the past couple weeks he really has began to put his life back together. He bought himself a new pair of shoes, as his previous pair were on their last legs being held together by duct tape and talking up a storm. They also had a significant “squeak” that you could hear a mile away. His foreman, Bob, taught him some new techniques for pruning and trimming. He sure is learning fast, and here he is to teach us.

The Drop Cut

The drop cut, otherwise known as the three point cut, is an original technique dating back to the early years of arboriculture, and appears in almost every pruning tech as a highly recommended pruning technique for removing large limbs. But we must, as always, use caution because when cutting a large limb with a chainsaw, a kerf may be created as the top cut bypasses the bottom cut. This can have a tendency to pull the chainsaw out of your hand. A good way to avoid this problem is to form the top cut directly above the under cut.

The “Mis-Match” Cut

Another very useful technique worth utilizing is called the “mis-match” cut, also known as the “snap” cut. This technique is quite handy for controlling small sections of wood that may or may not require rigging. A variation of this cut can be used to remove the final stub after removing a large limb.

The Hinge Cut

A lot of the time we use a hinge cut to control the direction of the fall of the limb. The hinge cut is a variation of a tree felling technique, it requires the use of a face notch, which allows the tree to fall without breaking the hinge prematurely, and a back cut, to form the hinge. You see, by forming a hinge, it allows us to steer the limb, and swing a limb around when lifting a limb. The use of kerf cuts on the sides, underneath the ends of the hinge, is optional but highly recommended on trees that are not being removed. It also makes it safer for the climber high up in the tree.

Part V: Pruning

A messed up apple tree

The other day, one of our clients had a really messed up apple tree, and said that over the past three years he had been trying to fix it, but it had bad examples of everything that could be wrong with a tree, so it was time for us to prune it. It had plenty of what are called “water sprouts”, which are limbs that grow at a 90 degree angle off the branch it is growing off of.

Pruning it

If you look closely down at the bottom of the sprout, you will see that theres sort of some wrinkly ridges of bark, and those ridges of bark contain special cells that are able to heal very quickly and close the wound that I make when I cut the branch off quickly before any disease or insects can get in. What you want to do is you want to cut just outside of that wrinkled, beveled area, and make a clean cut. When you do that, the wound will heal closed very quickly. It also had many examples of what are called “crossing branches”, which occurs when two branches rub up against each other to the point where one of them eventually breaks. Not only that, but you’re going to have a situation where you are going to have less air movement because there will be a lot of foliage in that area, so you will want to get rid of that branch.


Challenging Tree Service & Importance of keeping Safe


Tree service is a difficult business as it is, but there is a lot of hazards that the average arborist has to face in the tree care world. There are a lot of safety factors to consider and anybody that is going to do any tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal or stump shaving, be it professional tree trimming or work done by a homeowner, needs to be aware of safety. Nobody wants to get shocked by power lines or take a wood chip to the eye or fall from a tree, so let’s be smart and get all the safety stuff together before we go to work.

Hazards in Tree Service

The biggest hazards in tree care is workspaces with power lines in the area. This is not just because power lines are so dangerous but because a lot of tree trimming and tree removal is done specifically because of power lines. Any worker who will be doing any tree trimming or tree removal near power lines needs to make sure that the utility has de-energized the power lines or has shielded their self from making contact with the power lines. Any hoists, ropelines or ladders also must be kept away from power lines when doing any tree service nearby.

The next line of defense for the arborist when working in tree care is all the personal protection devices that are required while doing tree service. These are things like gloves, hard hats, safety harnesses, hearing protection, goggles and anything else that can protect the arborist while doing tree removal or stump removal. One caution to look out for is during the summer time when a tree trimmer might not want to wear heavy clothing that protects them because it gets too hot and sweaty. This is a mistake that can lead to injury and other accidents and it’s not worth the small amount of extra comfort.

The weather should also be considered when doing any tree trimming or tree removal. An arborist should never work in excessive wind, when thunder or lightning is present or in heavy rain. These conditions make it too easy for workers or equipment to fall and cause an accident. Tree service should only be performed in non-hazardous weather conditions. This company has really great safety protocol, I meant them during arborist national convention:

Arborists Amateur vs. Professional!

Arborists, amateur or professional, also need to be trained to use any equipment required to perform the tree service safely and properly. People figure as long as you’re holding the chainsaw on the right end or if you aren’t sticking any appendages into the woodchipper you should be safe, but there is a lot more to the safe handling of this tree care equipment than meets the eye. Even the more benign stuff like ladders, hoists and unpowered tools create all kinds of accidents statistically, so these things require the proper training too. Even if only a short run-down is necessary to operate the tools you use for stump removal or stump shaving, what’s five minutes if it means not getting your hand chopped off or falling a couple stories to your death?

Once your safety equipment and tree care tool training is taken care of, you still have to consider the trees you will be working on in the tree service business. During tree trimming or tree removal, an arborist has to consider the direction a tree will fall and the area it will be falling toward. You don’t want to do some tree removal and end up crushing coworkers or a car or a passerby, so any area where a tree or branch could fall should be roped off with caution tape. Any branches that will be climbed on or otherwise used for support will also need to be checked beforehand for integrity.

We will be reviewing more about this crazy industry soon stay tuned to this blog.

The Job Industry of middle class is in trouble


Even though the cost of living has been progressively rising in South Florida, the minimum wage hasn’t been. It takes two working adults now to be able to survive. I say now but I’m only aware now because I’m an adult, it might’ve been like this for years.

That’s unfair because what if you’re single? It’s almost like you have to go find a significant other or roommate in order to be able to live comfortably while paying all your bills. This especially hits home with me because I am a single mother. I had to do something that I never thought I would do in a million years, I had to apply for governmental assistance.

Although being a single mother is not anyone’s fault but my own and my children’s father’s, I am thankful that the help is out there for me to even apply for. I have a good paying job but I can’t afford the basic necessities of life because there is only one income in my home. To add insult to injury, the government only gives me $100 per month in food stamps. I have two elementary aged children in my home, I spend $100 in a week to feed them and send lunches to school.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining because I honestly do appreciate the help but it’s could be a little more to really help. My kid’s father does not pay any child support, he doesn’t help at all but I don’t just let him get off scot free, I have a child support order in place that is enforced for the court system. He still decides not to pay so I still have to get assistance from the government. I recently heard that California raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour meanwhile Florida is still at a measly $7.

I might as well live on the beach, and invest in tree services for some space in Florida away from the palm trees. I would have had to settle and get a one bedroom apartment because I simply couldn’t afford to get anything bigger so now my kids have the bedroom and I sleep on a blow up mattress in the living room at night and move it so it still looks like a living room by day. I am a part of the working poor apparently.

I have a job and I’m still not able to make ends meet because of how expensive living is. I’ve had to apply for several grants and get funded by another state program to even be able to afford to send my kids to aftercare while I’m at work and summer camp during the summer. Although politicians try to address as many issues as possible, since they’re so out of touch with this aspect of America, I think it’s hard for them to understand the constant struggle of living paycheck to paycheck and still needing help. I would love to be able to invest and watch my money grow on the stock market or something like that but that would literally take food out of my kid’s mouths.